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In this post I want to tell you about three of my favorite world leaders.
They stand out to me, not for their righteous and just rule or their non-violent battle for a noble cause. But simply because I find them amusing.
You may think their policies are despicable but I want to leave those aside for once and focus on some witty feats.

George Bush jr
The first politician that often made me smile is George W Bush.
Youtube is full of funny George Bush moments. Messing up his speeches, bumping his head when entering a helicopter or trying to exit a room through a door that is locked.
The best of all is his self-conscious smile every time he realizes that he did it again.

I can not keep this from you:

Vladimir Putin
secondly, Vladimir Putin. One moment he is cuddling puppies, the next he gets his picture taken while holding a big ass gun or riding a horse without his shirt on. It’s amusing how he is obviously trying to present himself as an empathic but strong leader who is a real “homo universalis”.
It goes even further: one day, he went scuba diving and suddenly “found” an ancient amphora! It was spot clean and had obviously been planted there for him to find, but this did not stop mister Putin from raking in the credits.
A final feat that I would like to mention is the time when he reportedly brought his dog to a meeting with Angela Merkel to intimidate her because he knew she was afraid of dogs.

Kim Jung Ill
Finally, Kim jung ill.
He passed away but he was an extraordinary guy: not only did he kidnap a South Korean filmmaker to produce a communist version of the film “Godzilla” for him, under his rule North Koreans had radios installed in their kitchen that could not be turned off(these radio’s were meant to broadcast propaganda ofcourse)
In addition to this radio, all North Koreans needed to have a portrait of Kim Jung Ill on one of their walls, that had to be cleaned every day. These portraits would actually be inspected once in a while to see if any dust had accumulative on the precious face of the divine leader.
He even maintained a city that was built by his father that did not have a single resident but was built only to bring North Korea prestige. Although the city does not have any residents, the streetlights turn on at night and the streets are swiped clean to uphold the illusion of a thriving city.

Who are your favorite political leaders and for what reason?

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